Cyber Training Center - Campus

The CTC – Campus is a high end training and exercise facility located in our offices. It offers generic courses and training sessions based on selected themes as well as tailor-made sessions for corporate clients.

Our training will make your team anticipate incidents and validate your response capabilities earlier.

Cyber Training Center - Cloud

The CTC – Cloud is an on-line version of the CTC – Live. It offers nearly all the same generic courses and training sessions for remote users.

Through an intuitive interface and an interactive method, the trainees will be directly linked to the training environment to simulate a near-live experience and exercise from their office.

Deception as a Service

We provide deception  as a service on our CYDES platform in the cloud. Monitor and track your adversaries while your systems remain safe.


Rich and fexible training, simulation and deception platforms


Comprehensive cybersecurity capacity building services


Tailor made solutions and services on demand