What is CYBEX Lab?

CYBEX Lab is an on-premises cyber security learning and training platform which provides a live experience in a controlled replicated environment, where real Network and Software components are created and hosted on virtual machines, while reacting to real IP traffic.

Following several training courses, quizzes and theoretical knowledge, the users will be armed with a robust foundation and knowledge, allowing them to proceed to live-fire exercises where they will practice and employ these skills in the cyber range through real-world hands-on cyber simulations.

CYBEX Lab is used to carry out the following key activities:

A. Learning & Evaluation

Users will learn theoretical knowledge on various cyber topics through the integrated Learning Management System and strengthen their capabilities to face various challenges through different courses and quizzes.

B. Hands-on Training on Workshops & Scenarios

  • A graphical scenario builder will allow the instructor to create and manage realistic workshops that replicate real world cyber use cases.

  • Hands-on trainings will consist of different workshops and scenarios of different types such as cyber drills, Capture The Flag challenges, SOC Incidents Response, Forensics investigations, Cyber Threats Awareness ,etc…based on specific frameworks and industry’s best practices.

C. Overall Evaluation & Ranking

  • Users will be evaluated and ranked based on their accumulated grades and scores.

  • At the end of the workshop, the students will receive a certificate of completion.