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CYBEX Events

Beware CyberLabs organizes on-demand cyber events such as public cyber drills, hackathons and Capture the Flag (CTF) challenges for governmental or corporate organizations.

CYBEX EVENT is performed and provided as a rental service on our CYBEX Challenger platform for the purpose of your cyber event. We provide a complete event organization, management and support, where our experts will work closely with your team on all the details and requirements that will make your event unique and successful.
Beware CYBER Labs has already hosted two main events in 2021
Internal CTF for a cybersecurity school
Involving 10 students over 48 hours and a scenario with 19 challenges.
- 10/02/2021
Sponsored CTF with prizes
For a local administration with 11 teams of 4 students from 6 different universities (and remote locations): this CTF contained about 40 technical challenges.