About Beware Cyberlabs

Beware Cyberlabs is a cybersecurity company specialized in developing cutting edge solutions in cybersecurity for governmental organizations, corporations and research centers. Our solutions are tailored and engineered in-house in our Research & Development lab located in Bordeaux, France. The lab is led by a team of experts and ex-military consultants with a vast experience of more than twenty years in cyber-security within French and International Governmental and Security Organizations. The team of Beware Cyberlabs has successfully delivered projects in more than 30 countries around the world.

Apart from developing cybersecurity solutions, Beware Cyberlabs hosts a cyber training center (CTC) in Bordeaux to train cyber workforces from different public and private organizations. The CTC center is highly equipped with top-notch cybersecurity technologies including  the Cyber Training Platform (CYTRA), the Cyber Attack and Incident Simulator (CATIS) and the Cyber Deception System (CYDES) developed by Beware Cyberlabs to guarantee a realistic experience in capacity building and knowledge transfer to trainees from different calibers and backgrounds. Furthermore, Beware Cyberlabs is specialized in equipping cyber security training centers for organizations on-premise, with tailored scenarios to simulate incidents that can occur on the IT infrastructure in order to mimic an incident response chain for internal cyber security teams to ensure continuous cyber security posture assessment and improvement.