Cyber Training Platform

CYTRA is a multi-purpose Cyber Training and Simulation Platform for continuous capacity building of the organization cyber workforce to increase IT and Security staff preparedness for cyber crises

Cyber Attack & Incident Simulator

CATIS is a comprehensive traffic generator with packaged attacks and incidents to test the security posture of IT and OT infrastructures and applications

Cyber Deception Solution

CYDES is a comprehensive deception solution with decoys and baits to lure, monitor and track attackers


Cyber Training Center - Campus

CTC Campus is a physical platform located in our premises that runs CYTRA in a professional environment

Cyber Training Center - Cloud

CTC – Cloud is an on-line version of CYTRA to train and exercise remote users

Cyber Deception Solution - Cloud

CYDES – Cloud  is  deception solution operated remotely for subscribers

Our Philosophy

"Si vis pacem para bellum"

Use our cyber security solutions to:


Train on proactive defensive techniques to tackle threats before real incidents happen


Perform efficient incident handling and crisis management through cyber drills


Test security and performance of IT infrastructure and equipment through simulation of Internet traffic


Raise employee/user awareness with simple interactive exercises and interactive questionnaires

Your Benefits

  • Test your security posture against emerging threats
  • Train general IT and Security staffs to securely manage and configure their devices and applications
  • Simulate  cyber attacks and incidents to test the readiness of employees against cyber attacks on IT and OT Systems
  • Keep high alertness levels among all IT and Security staffs
  • Lure attackers into monitored targets to track and identify them